SCTF - Steam Compressor Test Field

The aim of the project is to provide an experimental infrastructure for the development of innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly steam compressors for high-temperature heat pumps (HTHP). This will be achieved by expanding the THERESA test facility with a steam compressor test field and combining the expertise of the newly founded Institute of Low-Carbon Industrial Processes of the German Aerospace Center (DLR-DI) and the Institute for Process Technology, Process Automation and Measurement Technology (IPM) of the Zittau Görlitz University of Applied Sciences (HSZG). The establishment of the steam compressor test field is the basis for the optimization, efficiency increase and further development of steam compressors.

project runtime: 01.08.2021 - 30.11.2022
cooperation partner: DLR-DI
funding authority: EFRE / SMWA / SAB


SCTF is a Steam Compressor Test Field located in the Zittau Power Plant Laboratory. It enables the development and testing of efficient vapor compressors and associated components. In particular, tests on the influence of steam quality on compressor efficiency are possible. SCTF supports research on several topics:    

  • development of steam compressors (and alternative media) for the application of CARNOT-Battery and other applications
  • experimental investigation under realistic parameters and workloads
  • analysis of dynamic operating behaviour
  • dynamic simulations and experimental validation
  • development of automation concepts for flexible operating of steam compressors
  • safety related investigations of compressor components for industries
  • intelligent gateways (digital twin)


media steam-loop
max. temperature 345 °C
pressure range 2 bara - 21 bara
max. mass flow rates 1.0 t/h steam
steam quality saturated steam or superheated steam + optional water injection
steam cycle regular feeding or closed loop operation
universal interface
  • freely selectable steam parameters (saturated / superheated steam)
  • freely selectable pressure and temperature (compressor intake)
  • steam quality measurement (inlet and outlet)
  • for analysis and tests of specific compressors
electrical connected load 100 kW


Other Characteristics

flow loop also designed for wet steam
pressure resistance also designed for vacuum
universal placement of compressors machine table 2000 mm x 1000 mm


Torsten Klette
Contact Person
Torsten Klette
Institut für Prozesstechnik, Prozessautomatisierung und Messtechnik
Messtechnik / Prozessautomatisierung
02763 Zittau
Theodor-Körner-Allee 8
Building Z IVc, Room C1.14
+49 3583 612-4732