EFREX - Increasing the efficiency of thermal energy storage systems

The object of the project is to increase the efficiency of thermal energy storage systems by means of modular units for the supply and removal of energy in conjunction with highly heat-insulating, functionally integrated lightweight safety containers for exergy conservation. Accordingly, the development of a modular pressure- and vacuum-resistant thermal energy storage system based on plastics or composite materials with individually equipable units for the supply and removal of energy, double-wall construction for highly insulating vacuum thermal insulation and safety function as well as integrated functionality is carried out. Depending on the area of application and the process technology required, the units to be developed for the supply and removal of energy have the ability to store electrical and thermal energy in the form of heat sensitively, latently or thermochemically in the highly insulating lightweight safety container with virtually no loss. In the case of thermochemical heat storage, the lightweight container acts as a reactor and storage vessel for metal hydroxides to significantly increase storage density and enable seasonal heat storage. The innovative reactor functionality is a particular focus of the project. To achieve the objectives, composite materials will be used that can withstand the thermodynamic, thermochemical and thermomechanical requirements and also increase efficient use due to their modular design and wide range of applications. The experimental testing of corresponding lightweight container prototypes and the units for the supply and removal of energy for the implementation of efficient and economical power-to-X-to-power applications is carried out at the THERESA test facility in the Zittau power plant laboratory. The EFREX project is a sub-project of the "Function-integrated lightweight structures for efficient energy supply and storage" project.


project runtime: 01.05.2021 - 30.04.2025
cooperation partner: Fraunhofer IWU
funding authority: BMWK
Freistaat Sachsen


Foto: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sebastian Braun
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