HOTHES - High-transient thermal energy storage for plant-friendly and energy-efficient flexibilization of thermal energy plants

The object of the project is application-oriented research into innovative energy technologies. The investigations include experimental analyses for the storage of thermal energy in the minute and hourly range and the derivation of static and dynamic parameters for evaluating the possible applications of a developed thermal energy storage system. Furthermore, the methodical enhancement and validation of models for the simulation-based design of thermal energy storage systems is carried out. Finally, the results are transferred to the Saxon economy. The result is an experimentally validated and scalable overall model for a highly transient thermal storage system. The overall model enables the design of corresponding storage systems for thermal energy plants.


project runtime: 01.12.2015 - 30.06.2019
funding authority: EFRE / SMWA / SAB


Torsten Klette
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Torsten Klette
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